Introduction to APEL.Q

APEL.Q is designed:
  1. 1.  To promote lifelong learning through facilitation of the recognition of prior experiential learning that takes place in the workplace and in non-formal and informal continuing professional development education and training; 

    2.  As a means of ensuring greater equality of access, recognition, opportunity and practice in career progression; and

    3.  As a means of widening and deepening access to programmes of study through the award of the academic qualifications based on the recognition of prior experiential learning. 

General Policies of APEL.Q

    1. The APEL.Q provision applies to adult learners with relevant prior experiential learning, who have formally registered as learners (Malaysians and Non-Malaysians) of the HEP regardless of the mode of entry whether through traditional or APEL route.
    2. To apply for APEL.Q, applicants must fulfil the minimum years of working experience at the appropriate level in the relevant field as illustrated below
    3. APEL.Q encompasses the assessment of prior experiential learning (formal/ informal/ non-formal) for the purpose of an award of academic qualifications.
    4. APEL.Q shall be implemented for all disciplines of study and all levels of qualifications (undergraduate and post-graduate) under the MQF except 100% research-based programmes.
    5. APEL.Q shall be awarded through assessment of prior experiential learning and successful completion of the capstone course(s)

    Policies: Award of Qualifications

      Policies: Award of Qualifications

      1. MQF Level 7 & 8: programmes conducted via coursework and mixed modes only.
      2. Fully accredited programmes.
      3. Assessment: separately for each programme.
      4. Assessment instruments:
        – Portfolio
        – Field and Validation Visit
        – Challenge Test
      5. Programmes (+professional bodies) – subject to acceptance by the professional bodies. HEPs responsible for securing such approval from the professional bodies.

      Policies: Implementation Process

        Policies: Implementation Process

        1. Learner APEL.Q application through MQA: focal point
        2. Application: any time during the year – 1 institution (approved by MQA) at any point in time
        3. Assessments: outcome based – body of knowledge + competencies
        4. Scroll + academic transcript (depicting the CGPA) + Malaysian Qualification Statement (MQS).
        5. MQA approval to conduct APEL.Q
        6. Maximum duration capped for completion of the APEL.Q application:

        a. Level 3 (Certificate): 3 years
        b. Level 4 (Diploma): 6 years
        c. Level 5 (Advanced Diploma): 3 years
        d. Level 6 (Bachelor’s Degree): 8 years
        e. Level 7 (Master’s Degree): 4 years
        f. Level 8 (Doctoral Degree): 8 years