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Professional Certificate 
in Certified Influencer Marketing Coach


This aims the aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers to leverage word of mouth marketing and user interest to promote the products. This specialization aims to manage influencers for networks effectiveness and relevancy for the company's goals. 

Entry Requirement

Malaysian Applicants

Candidates must fulfil the following requirements

1) Passed SPM with a minimum of two (2) credits or equivalent: OR

2) Pass Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) /equivalent, with one minimum of Grade C in any subject, and a Pass in English Language at the SPM level; OR

3) Obtained APEL Certificate from MQA for admission to Diploma (Level 4); OR

4) Obtained other qualifications recognized by the Senate; AND

5) Have a minimum of six (6) months working experience; AND

6)Fulfilled the programme special requirements set by the Senate.

Program Structure

Stage 1: Associate Certified Influencer  Marketing Coach

Stage 2: Certified Influencer Marketing  Coach

Completed Stage 1 & Stage 2: Professional Certificates in Certified Influencer Marketing  Coach

** FLEXIBLE and CUSTOMIZE qualities education via blended learning method.

Program Modules

Stage 1: Associate Certified Influencer Marketing Coach 

Module 1: Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Module 2: Realistic Business Plan

Module 3: Business Start-Up

Stage 2: Certified Influencer Marketing Coach

Module 4: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Module 5: Live Stream Skills 

Module 6: Live Stream Audience Engagement

Module 7: Advertisement in Digital Marketing

Module 8: Finance Resource Management and Planning

Completed 8 Modules: Professional Certificate in Certified 
Influencer Marketing Coach

Duration of Study

** FLEXIBLE and CUSTOMIZE qualities education via blended learning method.

Completed within the short term period: 3 Months/ 12 Weeks


Fees Charges
Other Information

Course Structure 

A) Associate Certified Influencer Marketing Coach (3 Modules)

-Completion of programme through

1) Attendance

2) Assignment and Quiz needed

3) No Exam or test required

B) Certified in Influencer Marketing  Coach (5 Modules)

-Completion of programme through

1) Attendance

2) Assignment

3) Assessment/ Test

Complete Stage A&B to receive Professional Certificate in Certified 
Influencer Marketing Coach from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Program Location

1) Pusat Pembangunan Professional, UTMSPACE, Kuala Lumpur 

2) Asian Institute of Certified Professional Coaches, 

    69, Bangunan Premier, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

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